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What is Ferratum? requirements for design team? team setup? time frame? 

Problem statement: improving ROI, new product / channel, standardize design language, increase working efficiency, improving general UX (taking design deliveries' quality to the next level):

—> Collecting snapshots of old app, old my account and old web
—> Show off artifacts of working process: mood board, user study, persona, exploration, visual concept, etc.
—> Show off the solutions: Ferratum Design System, new visual language, New Web

Outcome: what was final achievement?
Evangelizing design thinking and design process across company.
Measurable impacts, initial result?
Challenges and obstacles
Future developments
Ferratum 2020 web snapshots
Ferratum Wallet 2020 Screenshots
Ferratum custom NFC payment in action (Raw capture)
Saving with Ferratum Wallet (Raw capture)
Ferratum Wallet basic navigation (Raw capture)
Ferratum's Debit Mastercard design and packaging
Ferratum DS
Ambient marketing material
Design Artifacts
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