User-needs in the product
Yousician users have two clear needs in Home tab:
1 - Tracking learning progress and goals.
2 - Find and discovery songs in form of workouts sessions
Current solutions to address user's needs
"Missions", "Workouts" and "Daily goal" are represented as child items in a sub-navigation bar. 
Missions: Hierarchical tree view display user's progress, levels and skill branches.
Workout: Typical card view which promotes various songs to practice, sorts out genres.
Daily goal: achieved points in weeks / months.
Business Goals
Yousician wants to get its users invested in the free version. Firstly they start step-by-step training, level up, collect user data and preferences, then convince them to upgrade to Premium. They want their users to get hooked to the platform so that it's a habit; it's their #1 destination for learning music instruments.
Yousician has tons of features that can be categorised into curated/non-scalable and algorithmic/automated.
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