Scenario and overview
In 2013, Bank of Finland Museum (Suomen Pankki Rahamuseo) contacted us to ask for a revamp of their interactive exhibition materials. The objective is creating a fun and engaging history learning experience.
The interactive program was packaged as an iPad app, and the devices were placed across key spots in the premises. We decided to develop it as an iPad app, because the whole experience is more familiar and approachable to the mass audience. As an app, the whole interactive program can be updated easily later if needed.
There were six different activities: History, Quiz, Mini-game, Interactive Videos, Converter and general information about the museum.
Visual direction & execution
Classic and timeless were two main criterion for the visual direction of the app. Therefore, ornaments and chromes were omitted totally. Typography was used as the main driver in delivering the visual feeling. Purple colour was paired with turquoise in a relatively dark theme.

As a matter of fact, the app's visual has stood quite good the test of time. It was designed back in 2013, but it doesn't look dated now in 2018.

Early sketch for in-game 3D models

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