Solving typical problems for event goers
As part of Qvik team, I took the challenge of designing the event companion app. Realising the great opportunity of reaching out to thousands of attendees. The event app was an design answer to event goers' frequent questions:

What are the schedules? Bookmarking and tracking events as well
When and where are the most interested talks or pitches take place?
How can I navigate inside a massive event premises? 
How can I connect with prospect partners and companies in real-time?

Slush 2014 app in-door map and time table screen

Event schedule was a major part of the app, it was a side-way scrolling table with clear marking of duration, start and end time of each talk/pitch. From that user can easily bookmark and create a personal time table of his/her favourite events. There was also a live feed chat feature which enabled all attendees to communicate directly or en mass,  view profile, view roles. Last but not least, indoor navigation solution helps people to find stages, food stands and entrances much easier.
Scalability and white label
In fact, the app was built as a white label product, therefore the UI need to be changed and adapted to any brand or visual style with minimal effort. Most of the components are plug and play.

In this case study, I'd like to showcase 2 apps: Slush 2014/2015 app and Nordic Business Forum (NBF) 2015 app.

Slush 2015 official app (side note: this promo video was produced by me)

Slush is one of world-class startup and tech event which organised annually in Helsinki Finland. Slush 2017 gathered 20,000 attendees, 2600 startups, 1500 investors and 600 journalists coming from over 120 countries to participate together.

Slush 2016 official app (side note: this promo video was produced by me)

Nordic Business Forum 2015 gathered over 5,500 business owners and executives to the Exhibition & Convention Centre in Helsinki. In addition to the attendees on the spot, there were also thousands of people watching the seminar through live stream.

NBF 2015 official app (side note: This promo video was produced by me)

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