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Team setup and working method
Spring 2015, I was visual designer of a three-people design team from Qvik agency. We were tasked to work closely with Tallink Silja's own internal development team (about twelve). The original mission was about creating a brand new mobile booking solution. Gradually the project was not only about mobile booking, but expanded to Customer Journey and Single Sign-on solution as well. 
Discovery phase & design mood board

Working with scrum and agile methodologies

Different user cases and activities


From Post-it notes to a ready product
When the project started, Tallink Silja offered only desktop trip booking. More than ever, customer demand support for trip booking right on their phone, and ultimately as smooth as possible Tallink Silja experience on mobile. Therefore "Mobile Booking" was created as a pioneer project and test bed for the company to experiment with new design ideas. The whole booking process was re-thought and re-evaluated thoroughly. Design approaches were centred around UX survey and customer journey researches.
My responsibilities here were communicating with stake holders to sketch out visual design approach, working with UX designers, and at the same time took part in user research process.
The technical solution was a hybrid of a native wrapper (iOS & Android) and a mobile web (Angular)
The final user interface
Design language and foundation
I was responsible for general looks and feels, UI elements and motion of the service. At the same time, I had managed to infuse company brand identity into those elements to build Tallink Silja's first ever officical design language. The mobile booking interface was so well received, and its design patterns were adapted to all across company's digital products as well. 
Design principles:
"Clarity, usable, consistency, beauty"
Tone of voice and content:
"Simple yet subtle, friendly yet polite, communicative but not overwhelm"
A different product which was treated with the same design language: Journey Timeline - Trip companion 
A different product which was treated with the same design language: Reservation change 

A different product which was treated with the same design language: Loyalty program

Style sheet or design spec
Pieces of the pattern library
Grid system and readability contrast test
Reception and success metrics
- 800% mobile channel revenue growth after 2,5 years after release
- 1600% ROI after 2,5 years of release
- Over 90% approval rating among customers (post-booking survey).
- 200,000 + downloads
Tallink Silja mobile reservation was one of finalist (Top 5) for Best Consumer Web Service in Grand One award 2016, and Best Customer Experience in Blue Arrow award 2016
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